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Metal Wind Chimes

Beautiful, delicate and attractive metal wind chimes are on the offering that are especially made to make your house look beautiful. These metal wind chimes represent varied designs and thus have different connotations. We offer different type of decorative wind chimes such as metal wind chimes, brass wind chimes, iron wind chimes, copper wind chime, bell wind chimes, wind bell chime, garden chimes, indoor chimes, outdoor chimes, hand tuned chimes, garden wind chimes, indoor wind chimes, outdoor wind chimes, hand tuned wind chimes, aeolian chimes, moon & stars iron chime, brass chimes, bead chime, bead wind chime, beaded chime, beaded wind chime, metal sun chime and other various decorative chimes along with decorative bells.
We present below few product samples that we have developed for our clients. We offer customized products developed as per your requirements and specifications.
Please send us an enquiry detailing your requirements for a quick response.

Brass Wind Chimes Metal Moon Chime

Brass Wind Chimes

Item Code : EX44801
Description : A beautiful brass wind chimes with a brass polish finish and made up of brass and beads is such that it looks ethereal. These brass wind chimes range to a height of 25cm.
Size : Height : 25 cm
Finishing : Brass Polished
Material : Brass & Beads
Packing : 1/24 Pieces

Metal Moon Chime

Item Code : EX44802
Description : Metal has been beautifully molded in the shape of moon to create this wind chime that looks enthralling. Made of iron it's verdi marble finish makes it look absolutely heart warming.
Size : : Height : 30 cm
Finishing : Verdi Marble
Material : Iron
Packing : 4/24 Pieces

Metal Sun Moon Star Chime Iron Wind Bells

Metal Sun Moon Star Chime

Item Code : EX44803
Description : Made of iron is the beautiful wind chime that has moon, star and sun in it. It is sleek but extremely beautiful. Having a copper antique finish it looks strikingly wonderful.
Size : Height : 60 cm
Finishing : Copper Antique
Material : Iron
Packing : 1/24 Pieces

Iron Wind Bells

Item Code : EX44804
Description : Simple yet highly artistic is the best way to describe these iron wind bells. They are available in different patterns thus making them look attractive and an ideal way to decorate homes.
Size : : Height : 50 cm (approx)
Finishing : Black
Material : Iron
Packing : 2/16 Pieces

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